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Monthly coloring sheets are available strait to your email by Becoming A Patron or you may purchase individual downloads in my Art Shop .

It was so great of you to visit my site and take the time to read this . Please visit my upcoming gallery the Live Oak Art House . CUonline

                    I am Artist Nada Meeks, Mix Medium Illustrator & Fantasy Photographer. With a B.F.A. in Illustration I have been a freelance artist since 2003 . 

On this webpage you will find my current series the Z Tangle Collection. My pen & ink zentagles also include a sister series Tangle Moon which started as a blind doodle made by moonlight and are one of my all time favorite creations, so check them out.

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Place your order for art! I am the artist that delivers. private lessons, paint night parties, face painting, murals & more upon request

and am currently working on the opening of a creativity center and gallery The Live Oak Art House.